10,000 years – Native American people have lived in Puget Sound for approximately 10,000 years. Their culture was based on travel by dugout canoe and they were the first paddlers of the Puget Sound.

1993 – Cascadia Marine Trail established as part of the National Recreation Trail s Act. Paddlers founded the non-profit organization Washington Water Trails Association along with Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, formed a partnership with port districts and city, county, and regional parks to establish campsites along the 2,000+ miles of Puget Sound shoreline.

1996 – 2 paddlers, John Kuntz Owner of Olympic Outdoor Center and Robb Nichols, paddle from Belfair to Allyn, Washington along the Kitsap coastline. John formulates the idea of water trail that encompasses the entire Kitsap Peninsula.

2008 – North Kitsap Trails Association (NKTA) was created establishing a Board of Directors and becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. John was assigned director of Water Trails and starts putting together the water trail plan. Olympic Kayak Club takes on the initial mapping of water trail sites.

2008/2009 – North Kitsap Trails Association was awarded two years of planning assistance from the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) Program to develop the North KitsapTrails Plan, which includes both land and water trail components.

2008 – 2014 John creates Paddle Kitsap – Dedicates the proceeds to the North Kitsap Trails Association for use in establishing the water trail.

2009 – Olympic Kayak Club and Olympic Outdoor Center create the Puget Sound Challenge, a 150 mile challenge to paddle the Kitsap peninsula trail and support Washington Water Trails.

2010 April – NKTA holds 20 public hearings and produces first public trails survey. 86% of survey respondents agree that a water trail is important to their quality of life in Kitsap.

2010 July – John introduces water trail concept to REI at Seattle Paddlefest. REI takes an interest in distributing water trail brochures in their stores.

2010 August – Visit Kitsap Peninsula partners with Olympic Outdoor Center, Washington Water Trails Association and Kitsap County Parks to create the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails (KPTW) user print map that includes locations in Kitsap County and other Kitsap Peninsula locations. Visit Kitsap Peninsula initiated marketing and public relations strategies to promote the KPWT as a major visitor/tourist attraction to demonstrate the long-term economic and environmental benefits of the water trails to Kitsap County and the region. The VKP marketing programs generated national and international attention and participation among local stakeholders.

2011 November 29 –Kitsap county commissioners adopt the North Kitsap Trails Plan as part of their Comprehensive Plan, capping a three year coordinated effort between the county, local community groups, private businesses and the tribes.

2012 March – Kitsap County submits application to the National Park Service for designation of Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails into the National Water Trail System.

2012 August 4 – Kitsap County dedicates first section of Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails at ceremony at Kingston Marina as part of Paddle Kitsap. Guests include Rob Gelder, KC Commissioner; Sue Abbott, National Park Service Community Planner; Julie Anderson, Washington Water Trails Association Executive Director; Patricia Graf-Hoke, Visit Kitsap Peninsula; Linda Berry-Maraist, North Kitsap Trails Association President; John Kuntz, Olympic Outdoor Center.

2013 June – Olympic Outdoor Center and Visit Kitsap Peninsula create the first Annual Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Festival and its annual paddle called “Ride The Tide”, a paddle from Evergreen Park in Bremerton to Silverdale Waterfront Park.

2013 June – The Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Alliance is formed, comprised of key water trail stakeholders including county and city departments, park and port districts, tribes, user groups and organizations, outfitters, environmental agencies, business and tourism organizations and potential funding resources.

2013 July – Based on strong local partnership work, Washington Water Trails Association (WWTA) acknowledges the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails as an official segment of the nationally recognized Cascadia Marine Trail.

2013 November – Kitsap County is awarded a year of planning assistance from the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) Program to guide establishment of the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Alliance and development of a water trail management plan.

2014 – Kitsap County adopts a long-range county-wide Non-Motorized Trails Plan that supports Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails.

2014 March – A water trail planning committee is formed that includes representatives from Kitsap County, Visit Kitsap Peninsula, Olympic Outdoor Center, Washington Water Trails Association and the National Park Service. Committee goals include crafting an outreach plan for Alliance members and developing an outline of the management action plan.

2014 March-present – Water trail planning committee meets bi-monthly.

2014 April – Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails is invited to present a case study at Washington State Trails Coalition’s biennial meeting in Bellingham in October 2014.

2014 June 23 –Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails are officially designated part of the National Water Trail System by Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell.

2015 January-present – Water trail Alliance members meet quarterly to discuss and plan trail.

2015 June 27 – Kitsap County Board of Commissioners host the official dedication of the Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trail at a dedication ceremony at the Silverdale Waterfront Park featuring a blessing by the Suquamish Tribe  ‘Ride The Tide” paddle and festival.

2016 June 12 – 2nd Annual Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trail Festival(hosted by the Silverdale Chamber) and Ride the Tide Rendezvous held in Silverdale and other marinas around the region.

2017 June 21 – Launch of new, dedicated website for Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trails and addition of special Inter-Active map funded created by Visit Kitsap Peninsula and funded by Kitsap County and WA State Dept. of Commerce.

2017 June 24 –3nd Annual Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trail Festival (hosted by the Silverdale Chamber) and Ride the Tide Rendezvous (hosted by Olympic Outdoor Center) held in Silverdale and at other marinas around the region.